JIC Spartan DE Type 1 ST (Semi-Titanium) exhaust system with resonator. Canister is made of Ultra Lightweight Titanium and the exhaust piping is made of lightweight stainless steel.

JIC Spartan 505S ST (Semi-Titanium) features our most popular style. An aggressive canister and smooth piping aid into giving your vehicle performance, a great exhaust tone, and weight savings. The Spartan canister is made of full titanium for maximum weight savings and a titanium burnt exhaust tip. Each Spartan 505S ST features a 60mm piping for smaller engines or naturally aspirated engines or a larger, 76.3mm piping for larger displacement engines and turbo applications. All spartan exhaust systems include an inner silencer. As a unique design only to the Spartan Series, the canister has either a bolt on flange or a slip in type depending on vehicle application. Certain Spartan 505S applications also has a resonated option to keep the exhaust noise down. Spartan 505S exhaust systems comes with either an angled exit or straight exit canister.


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