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About Us


The ZMS Suspension Project

Leveraging on years of professional motorsports experience including developing and implementing technology for race cars at the highest level of competition, ZIEL MotorSports Inc. is now embarking on a new technology project to implement thoroughbred motorsports DNA into street vehicles.  Using race bred technology, the ZMS Suspension Project has developed a wide range of superlative products ranging from our Top of the Line ZMS-RS4 4-way adjustable coilover suspension system to the street oriented ZMS-S single way suspension system. Be it an improved system for your street car or a no holds barred maximum performance setup for your dedicated race car, you can rest assured that you have the ultimate quality product developed by professionals backed with years of experience at the highest strata of motorsports. All our products are proudly made in the USA to the strictest quality standards. The ZMS series lineup is a no compromise high performance coilover kit series for the most discerning of customers. With years of track experience combined with the R&D and service experience of their headquarters in Alhambra, CA this new product line promises to deliver unmatched quality and performance.  The ZMS Suspension Project delivers better engineering, better technology, better quality with a better level of professionalism and service.  You are assured of Made in America quality with in-house research, development and manufacturing.  Something you will not find from our competitors.

History of JIC Magic USA / Ziel Motorsports, Inc.

JIC Magic USA began tuning street vehicles in Tokyo, Japan in 1988. Through rigorous testing and development many of those street vehicles turned up on race tracks and in major events throughout the country. The company began development for high performance race cars that competed in sanctioned events such as JGTC, All Japan Grand Touring Championship and also entered the BPR International GT Endurance Championship, competing for 3 years in each of the events. JIC Magic USA received numerous accolades in the motorsports scene by breaking several records, proving to the racing world that they were a force to be reckoned with. Several notable records were the record for top speed in a production based street car of 315 kilometer per hour and holding the ¼ mile record for speed and time in between the years of 1993 to 1996. JIC Magic USA also proved to be a dominant force against factory teams such as McLaren, Nissan, Ferrari, Toyota, and Mazda without any major factory backing.

The company, renamed Ziel MotorSports Inc. on entering the American Motorsports scene, competed in several major races such as Daytona 24 hours, Canada Challenge Cup (winning both entered competitions in 1997), and Professional Sports Car Races. ZIEL MotorSports Inc. developed a Toyota Altezza N-1 race car and a Honda Civic N-1 race car that set the standard for high performance race vehicles. In 2004, the company began competing in professional drifting producing two of the most renowned drift cars, the JIC-Magic USA 993 GT2 Drift Porsche and JIC-Magic USA Silvia S15. Whilst competing in Formula D, the S15 and 993 drift cars were doing double duty as time attack machines. Despite being purpose built drift cars the 993 and S15 set many course records, respectable to this day, while competing in the Redline Time Attack, highlighting the versatility of the project. The JIC Magic USA Motorsports Project once again proved that they had what it takes to raise the bar and set new standards in track performance.

Ziel MotorSports Inc. is a company that proudly supports Time Attacks and Drifting events to demonstrate the vast capabilities of its motorsports products. From the nimble Honda Civic that competed in Japan's Touring Races to the high horsepower Porsche 996 street/time attack machine, Ziel MotorSports Inc. has applications for a wide range of vehicles. Currently, Ziel MotorSports Inc. has a large fleet of racing vehicles for all types of motorsports ranging from Drag Racing and Drifting to Time Attacks. Ziel MotorSports Inc. looks for ways to be innovative in today's high performance industry.
Currently located in Alhambra, CA, Ziel MotorSports Inc. strives to develop high tech, high performance and high quality products for the tuning market. With a large warehouse, expanded sales room floor, spacious conference room, and state of the art R&D garage, Ziel MotorSports Inc. has all the necessary facilities to be a pioneer in its field.