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Here at JIC Magic USA/ Ziel Motorsports, Inc., we choose our partners with the utmost care to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers. We have many dealers and distributors across the United States and internationally and are constantly on the lookout for quality partners to improve our service coverage to our customers. We give these partners everything we can to help make orders run smoothly and to get products out as quickly as possible. Our distributors work with us constantly to keep our products in stock for quicker responses and all of them are expected to provide the highest levels of customer service. Distributors, dealers and technical centers are our invaluable partners who work tirelessly in order to provide a seamless link to you, our valued customer.
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Dealer/Distributor:  If you are a retailer or wholesale distributor, the JIC Magic USA/Ziel Motorsports, Inc. new partner structure will be very important for both parties for long term business growth. Being a manufacturer, our role has changed and our intention is to work with our partners to help them to take charge and manage their inventory.  In light of this new cooperation structure, we are looking for serious dealers and distributors for our updated network whilst working with our existing partners to bring them up to speed on the new team direction. If you are interested to be part of this exciting project, please contact us for more information. The available levels in the distribution structure are Distributor, Dealer and Technical Center. Information on the breakdown of these levels can be obtained by email us

Technical Center: For the first time, we are introducing a new level of partnership – the JIC Magic USA/Ziel Motorsports, Inc. Technical Center.  In the interests of providing ever more timely technical support to our dealers, distributors and ultimately, our customers, JIC Magic USA/Ziel Motorsports, Inc. has put in place a technology transfer program that will be available to companies who join us as a technical center.  If your company has the requisite passion, base knowledge and experience in suspension tuning and motorsports, you could be one of the select few who can join the ZMS Suspension Project as a technical center.  You will be able to conduct servicing, maintenance, overhauling and tuning of our suspension systems.  Being a technical center brings with it a host of benefits as well as responsibilities. Please contact us if you feel that you have the necessary passion and ability to join us as a technical center. Also, please note that all new and existing dealers or distributors have the option to apply to become one of our technical centers.