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JIC Magic USA - ZMS RS series (2 way, 32 step rebound + 15 step compression adjustment)


  • ZMS-RS Kit

    Extreme Performance from Amazing Design!  A low cost 2-way adjustable coilover kit that beats all competitors!

    ZMS-RS kit – 2-way adjustable, 32 step on rebound plus 15 step on compression, dual piston system, and single body monotube coilover kit.

    Our amazing mainstream non external tank single monotube 2-way adjustable coilover kit!  All new needle design allows unbelievably accurate compression adjustment.  Rebound adjustment performance is via specially designed piston oil pressure relief valve.

    ZMS series dampers use two size pistons; 56mm external diameter (OD) cylinders utilizing 48mm OD pistons and 47mm OD cylinders utilizing 42mm OD pistons.  There 3 different design pistons in 2 sizes for a total of six different piston types.  Damper piston shims come in 10 different sizes for our ZMS series dampers.  As a result, our shim tuning range is much wider compared to older model JIC and competitor manufacturer products.  Damper rods are 16mm diameter with hard chrome coating.  All pistons are fully CNC machined.

    For our monotube dampers, larger diameter cylinders are made from 6061 aluminum and smaller diameter cylinders are made from 301 high strength stainless steel with a special stainless steel finishing coating giving an attractive natural titanium color.  Our inverted monotube damper body cases are made of hard stainless steel manufactured using precision machining with specialized hard chrome surface coating.  High precision cylinder bore honing production process and specialized surface coating allows all our products to meet the most stringent strength and performance requirements. This material choice and attention paid to surface finishing means that our products are designed and built for long life with exceptionally low piston wear and particular resistance to corrosion caused by rain, dirt, winter time road salt etc.

    Most of our kits come with front upper mounts fitted with pillow ball bearings.  Most of our kits for Macpherson strut applications will come with camber and caster adjustment system built in.  All upper mounts are 40% thicker than before for added strength.  Lower brackets are fully CNC machined to optimize weight savings and are anodized.  All lower brackets are machined from hard aluminum and are height adjustable.  Macpherson strut application lower brackets are designed for optimal strength to weight ratio by utilizing a H-beam design.

    All ZMS-RS kits use a special blend of synthetic oil for better and more stable performance.  We promises maintenance and tuning parts and technical support that is second to none.

  • Oil flow Control via special design needle:  Damper adjustment is via oil flow and pressure control using our proprietary designed need that optimizes oil flow smoothness and linearity.

    3 different design pistons for focused application:  We use in-house designed 48mm and 42mm large diameter aluminum pistons for better performance and easy tuning.  Our pistons are fully CNC machined to exacting tolerances and recognizing that there is no one size fits all, we have designed 3 different types of pistons for use in street, tuned or race applications.

    Cylinder Assemblies:  To ensure uniform strength and accuracy of alignment throughout the vertical place for our cylinder assemblies, all cylinder top caps and cylinder case bottom caps are screwed on and locked in place before welding.  This removes the problem of deviation of the alignment between body and cap during welding, providing a truly straight assembly with uniform high rigidity, thus reducing uneven wear on both the hard chrome and the damper case slide bearings and rod slide bearings.

    Special thick hard chrome on cylinder bodies:  All cylinder bodies are treated with a thicker than usual layer of hard chrome with the threaded damper case made from hard stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance and ensure longevity in use.

    Rod Size and finishing:  All rods are 16mm in diameter and treated with thick hard chrome to improve durability

    Damper shims:  12 different size shims are used in our dampers allowing for fine tuning and giving our users a range of adjustability and tuning breadth unheard of in old model JIC and competitor manufacturer products.

    Pillow Ball Upper Mounts:  Most S series kits come with front upper mounts fitted with pillow ball bearings.  Kits for Macpherson Strut applications come with camber and caster adjustment systems built in.  All upper mounts are 40% thicker than before for added strength.

    Lower Brackets:  All lower brackets are machined from hard aluminum and are height adjustable.  Macpherson strut application lower brackets are designed for optimal strength to weight ratio by utilizing a H-beam design.

    Oil:  All our S kits use a special blend of synthetic oil for better and more stable performance with optimized viscous stability of long and hard use.

    Maintenance support and parts availability:  All S kit customers will have access via our partners or ourselves to maintenance support and spare parts for rebuilding or customization.

  • ZMS series Type RS - High performance Single mono tube suspension kit

    2 way 32 step Rebound + 15 step compression adjustable
    * Spring rate will change by the damper specifications and Intended use and custom order made request
    MakeModelTypeYearPart # Spring RateSpring TypeFr Upper MountRe Upper MountFr Lower Mount Re Lower mount Accessories NoteMSRPDetail Info
    IntegraDC2 GSR94-01RS-GSR-SS10K/7KF&R Single
    Type-R92-95RS-TR-SS10K/7KF&R Single
    NSXNA191-RS-NA1-SS8K/12KF&R Single
    1SeriesE8706-11RS-E87-SS10K/8KF&R Single
    3 seriesE3694-99RS-E36-SS10K/12KF&R Single
    E46 Non-M399-06RS-E46-DS12K/12KF Dual, R Single
    E46 M301-06RS-E46M3-DS12K/12KF Dual, R Single
    E90 Non-M306-12RS-E90-DS10K/8KF Dual, R Single
    E92 M306-13RS-E92M3-DS14K/8KF Dual, R Single
    5 seriesE39 M597-04RS-E39-DS14K/8KF Dual, R Single
    E3997-04RS-E39-SS10K/8KF&R Single
    E60 525,53004-10RS-E60-DS12K/8KF Dual, R Single
    E60 M504-10RS-E60M5-DS12K/10KF Dual, R Single
    E6104-10RS-E61-DS12K/---F Dual, R Single
    7 seriesE6501-08RS-E65-DS14K/10KF Dual, R Single
    Z4E8506-12RS-E85-DS12K/12KF Dual, R Single
    CamaroMK510-RS-CAMARO-MK5-DS16K/12KF Dual, R Single
    CorvetteC605-RS-C6-DS16K/12KF Dual, R Single
    50050011-RS-F500-SS7K/6KF&R Single
    MustangFOX499-04RS-FOX4-DS14K/10KF Dual, R Single
    D2C05-09RS-D2C-DS14K/10KF Dual, R Single
    CivicEG92-95RS-EG-SS10K/7KF&R Single
    EK96-00RS-EK-SS10K/7KF&R Single
    S2000AP199-RS-AP1-SS12K/8KF&R Single
    S2000AP199-RS-AP1-DS16K/10KF Dual, R Single
    G35CPV35 2dr03-08RS-CPV35-SS10K/9KF&R Single
    V35 4dr03-08RS-V35-SS9K/9KF&R Single
    G37CPV37 2dr09-RS-CPV37-SS10K/9KF&R Single
    V37X 4dr09-RS-V37X-SS9K/9KF&R Single
    GS300, 400JZS14793-97RS-JZS147-SS13K/7KF&R Single
    GS300, 400JZS16198-05RS-JZS161-SS13K/7KF&R Single
    GS350, 430GRS, UZS19006-RS-UZS190-SS14K/7KF&R Single
    GRL1012-RS-GRL10-SS12K/8KF&R Single
    IS300JCE10, SXE1001-05RS-JCE10-SS12K/6KF&R Single
    IS250, IS350GSE2006-RS-GSE20-SS12K/7KF&R Single
    ISFUSE2006-RS-USE20-DS14K/8KF Dual, R Single
    SC300, 400JZZ3091-99RS-JZZ30-SS14K/9KF&R Single
    SC430UZZ4001-10RS-UZZ40-SS14K/7KF&R Single
    Elise05-12RS-ELISE-DS6K/8KF Dual, R Single
    MiataNAB89-05RS-NAB-DS12K/7KF Dual, R Single
    MiataNAB89-05RS-NAB-SS8K/6KF&R Single
    MX5NCEC06-RS-NCEC-DS12K/7KF Dual, R Single
    MX5NCEC06-RS-NCEC-SS8K/6KF&R Single
    RX7FC3S87-92RS-FC3S-SS8K/6KF&R Single
    FD3S93-99RS-FD3S-SS12K/9KF&R Single
    RX8SE3P04-11RS-SE3P-DS14K/9KF Dual, R Single
    RX8SE3P04-11RS-SE3P-SS10K/7KF&R Single
    Mini CooperR5303-06RS-R53-SS8K/7KF&R Single
    R5607-12RS-R56-SS8K/8KF&R Single
    Evo7/8/9CT9A01-08RS-CT9A-DS14K10KF Dual, R Single
    Evo7/8/9CT9A01-08RS-CT9A-SS9K/7KF&R Single
    EVO10CZ4A09-RS-CZ4A-DS14K/9KF Dual, R Single
    EVO10CZ4A09-RS-CZ4A-SS9K/7KF&R Single
    240SXS1389-93RS-S13-DS Z32 Rear Fork16K/12KF Dual, R Single
    S1389-93RS-S13-DS16K/12KF Dual, R Single
    S1389-93RS-S13-SS Z32 Rear Fork8K/6KF&R Single
    S1389-93RS-S13-SS8K/6KF&R Single
    S1495-99RS-S14-DS Z32 Rear Fork16K/12KF Dual, R Single
    S1495-99RS-S14-DS16K/12KF Dual, R Single
    S1495-99RS-S14-SS Z32 Rear Fork8K/6KF&R Single
    S1495-99RS-S14-SS8K/6KF&R Single
    300ZXZ3293-99RS-Z32-SS14K/9KF&R Single
    350ZZ3303-08RS-Z33-DS16K/13KF Dual, R Single
    Z3303-08RS-Z33-SS10K/10KF&R Single
    370ZZ3409-12RS-Z34-DS16K/13KF Dual, R Single
    Z3409-12RS-Z34-SS10K/10KF&R Single
    GTRR3509-RS-R35-DS16K/10KF Dual, R Single
    944, 96886-95RS-968-DS10K/10KF Dual, R Single
    964 Early89-90RS-964E-DS8K/11KF Dual, R Single
    964 Early89-90RS-964E-SS6K/8KF&R Single
    964 Later91-94RS-964L-DS8K/11KF Dual, R Single
    964 Later91-94RS-964L-SS6K/8KF&R Single
    96594-95RS-965-DS8K/11KF Dual, R Single
    96594-95RS-965-SS6K/8KF&R Single
    98697-05RS-986-DS8K10KF Dual, R Single
    98697-05RS-986-SS6K/8KF&R Single
    98706-11RS-987-DS6K/8KF Dual, R Single
    99395-98RS-993-DS8K/12KF Dual, R Single
    99395-98RS-993-SS6K/9KF&R Single
    996 C299-05RS-996-DS6K/10KF Dual, R Single
    996 GT301-05RS-996GT3-DS8K/14KF Dual, R Single
    996 TT00-05RS-996TT-DS8k/12KF Dual, R Single
    996 TT00-05RS-996TT-SS7K/10KF&R Single
    997 C206-11RS-997-DS7K/10KF Dual, R Single
    997 GT306-11RS-997GT3-DS8K/14KF Dual, R Single
    997 TT, C406-11RS-997TT-DS8K/12KF Dual, R Single
    997 TT, C406-11RS-997TT-DS7K/10KF Dual, R Single
    ImprezaGC898-01RS-GC8-DS14K/8KF Dual, R Single
    GC898-01RS-GC8-SS8K/5KF&R Single
    LegacyBE500-04RS-BE5-SS8K/10KF&R Single
    BL505-RS-BL5-SS8K/10KF&R Single
    WRX, StiGDA02-04RS-GDA-SS8K/5KF&R Single
    STiGDB05-06RS-GDB-DS14K/9KF Dual, R Single
    GDB05-06RS-GDB-SS8K/5KF&R Single
    GRB07-RS-GRB-DS14K/12KF Dual, R Single
    GRB07-RS-GRB-SS9K/8KF&R Single
    WRXGH807-RS-GH8-SS9K/8KF&R Single
    SupraJZA7087-92RS-JZA70-SS14K/9KF&R Single
    JZA8093-98RS-JZA80-SS14K/10KF&R Single
    BRZZN612-RS-ZN6-DS8K/6KF Dual, R Single
    Volks Wagen
    GolfR32, MK499-05RS-GOLF-MK4R32-SS9K/8KF&R Single
    Jetta, GolfMK499-05RS-GOLF-MK4-SS8K/6KF&R Single
    Jetta, GolfMK5, MK606-11RS-GOLF-MK5-DS8K/7KF Dual, R Single
    JettaMK611-RS-JETTA-MK6-DS8K/6KF Dual, R Single
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