IMG_4094[1]Research and Development

Welcome to JIC Magic USA/ Ziel Motorsports R&D


We are striving to provide technically advanced products for the latest vehicle makes and models.  In order to achieve this we need the cooperation and assistance of you, the car owner.  Not only will your vehicle provide us with the basic data that we require for design, we also value your input as someone who understands your vehicle.  Together we will be able to deliver a product that is the best for that particular vehicle model.

Do you want to work together with us in the development of premium performance products and help in exposing our new products to the public eye and receive sweet deals in return?  We have a list of cars that we need to use for development of suspension parts.  If you are the lucky owner of a car that we require and are of the visibility profile we are looking for, perhaps you are the partner we are looking for and can be the first to own a brand new JIC Magic USA/ Ziel Motorsports, Inc. Suspension Project application.  Taking part in this program may require you to bring your car multiple times to our development facility, meaning we will give priority to customers living within the vicinity of JIC Magic USA/ Ziel Motorsports, Inc.  Only apply if you have a car that is in our list, all other applications will be ignored.  Remember that your chances of being chosen are higher if you are able to give positive exposure to our product after development.