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JIC Magic USA / ZIEL Motorsports Inc Service

Suspension products are high tech, precision systems that require proper installation and maintenance to perform at maximum potential.  JIC Magic USA / ZIEL MotorSports Inc. uses state of the art technology in all our motorsports products and as such, requires installation and maintenance by trained professionals.  As in all automotive components, your suspension kit should be given basic maintenance like cleaning after exposure to excessive grime or corrosive solutions. Our products are made of stainless steel and aluminum to minimize the risk of corrosion but you should maintain the appearance of your product by taking a little time to clean it externally should you find it soiled by salt water or road grime.  However, at no time should auntrained person attempt to open one of our kits as this will not only void the warranty on the product but will very likely result in damage and danger to life and limb.  Such advanced maintenance must only be done at a professional establishment, preferably one of our partners who are specifically trained in handling JIC Magic USA / ZIEL MotorSports Inc products.

Regular professional maintenance of the moving parts in the suspension kit is required as suspension oil will get dirty and lose viscosity with use (just like the engine oil in your car). Moreover, moving parts within the dampers are also subject to normal wear and tear. Our professional partners are specifically trained to conduct maintenance, repairs and overhauls to your performance kit so that it performs at peak level all the time.

Moreover, more so than our competitors, JIC MagicUSA / ZIEL MotorSports Inc has put in place a thorough logistics systems and a comprehensive stock of replacement parts and maintenance parts at the disposal of all of our partners so that you need not worry that you will have to wait a long time for your maintenance to be completed due to lack of spare parts.