Product Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration


We are confident of our quality and provide a 1 year limited warranty on all our performance products.  Warranty will not cover wear and tear from circuit usage (this includes cases of course out on the circuit, repeatedly and deliberately driving on the shoulders of chicanes and other driving behavior that puts undue stress on the vehicle chassis.  However warranty will cover product manufacturing defects regardless of where such defects were discovered (even during circuit usage)

JIC Magic USA/ ZIEL MotorSports Inc. is pleased to provide a warranty of 180 days for all products serviced or overhauled at our or our authorized partner locations

In order for your purchased product to be eligible for warranty service, both you as the buyer and the JIC Magic USA/ ZIEL MotorSports inc. partner that you have purchased the product from need to register the product online. This is ensure that you are buying a genuine produce, made in the USA by JIC Magic USA/ ZIEL MotorSports Inc. Also, a valid purchase receipt needs to be provided to JIC Magic USA/ ZIEL MotorSports Inc. if you intend to request for service at a location other than the authorized partner location at which you purchased the product.

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